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11/22/2014 — New Forecast Maps in Progress
Posted by Sean Birkel

One of the great things about non-comercial websites is the ability to view large images, unencumbered by ads. Here are a few weather maps in progress.

11/12/2014 — Blog Revival: Check CR's Facebook Page
Posted by Sean Birkel

I don't seem to have much time for writing detailed blogs these days. From now on you can find news and updates on Climate Reanalyzer's Facebook page. I plan to post new weather graphics regularly.

Having said that, right now people are talking about the cold wave sweeping down from Canada, spurred on by massive ex-Typhoon Nuri as it moves into the Arctic from over the Bering Sea. You can see from the forecast maps at right that Nuri has brought warm, moist air to the high latitudes, which is being balanced by the displacement of cold, dry air southward into Canada and the U.S.

Figure 1. Temperature, temperature anomaly, precipitable water, and jet stream wind forecasted by the GFS model valid for Thursday November 13, 2014 at 1200UTC. The forecast was initialized November 12 at 0000UTC). Click image to enlarge.